Going on holiday can be exciting. If you are going with your family, then you will have a very memorable time. Some people think of leaving their mobile phones at home when they go on holiday so that there’s no distraction and they can relax.

However, smartphones can be very handy, especially when you visit places like Forster.

Take pictures

Smartphones are great for taking pictures. You won’t need to take any extra camera if you have your smartphone as the in-built camera is of good quality. Some smartphones are waterproof.

As Forster has lots of lakes and beaches, you will likely be surfing or taking part in different water activities. You can take pictures with your waterproof smartphone easily.

How Smartphones Can Be Useful on Your Trip to Forster take pictures - How Smartphones Can Be Useful on Your Trip to Forster

Record videos

You may ask your spouse or someone to take a video of you surfing or enjoying the water. This will help you to relive the moments you have enjoyed in Forster.


You can communicate with people back at home if you need to. You can even contact your colleagues in case of any emergency at the office.

Play games

After roaming around for the whole day, you will rest in the hotel. There is nothing much to do there. If you have your smartphone, you can play online casino games at sites like

Use the navigation function

There are some nice trails in Forster where you can go hiking. You can use your smartphone for navigation. You won’t get lost and will be able to come back to the hotel safely.

Even if you rent a car for moving around the place, your phone’s navigation system will help you.

So, don’t leave your smartphone at home when you will visit Forster. It will make things much easier and you will enjoy your time more if you have your smartphone with you all the time.