If you are looking for a holiday destination in Australia, then you should visit Forster, Great Lakes. It’s a beautiful region with pristine white beaches and turquoise water. There are so many reasons to visit this beautiful place.

First of all, the waterways. You will find snake-like waterways here. Wallies Lake has shallow water and is a wonderful place to go with kids. They can have fun in the water, and it will be safe too.

So, you will be able to relax while having a great time. The One Mile Beach is great for bodyboarding and the kids will enjoy it fully.

Why Should You Visit Forster Great Lakes body boarding - Why Should You Visit Forster, Great Lakes?

You can go hiking at the BootiBooti National Park. The trail up to the Booty Hill and down the Elizabeth Beach is beautiful and you will enjoy every moment of it. There are other adventures out there as well.

You can take part in different water activities like surfing and diving. You can go on a whale watching tour which is pretty exciting. You can also swim with the dolphins.

It is a great place for foodies. Seafood is recommended here. You can also get different types of cocktails. There are Japanese and other cuisines that you will enjoy. There are beautiful ancient towns to visit as well and explore the hidden treasures they have.

Forster, Great Lakes is a beautiful holiday destination. It has everything you dream of when thinking about a great holiday. You will have a memorable holiday here.